My Quicken Loans Mobile


My Quicken Loans Mobile is a Quicken Loans Inc. app, and was developed by Detroit Labs and Twisted Castle.

With My Quicken Loans Mobile you can stay connected to your mortgage and check the status of your home loan using your Android phone. Get from the beginning to the end of the loan process faster than ever!

My Quicken Loans Mobile Features:

✓ Organize all important loan contacts.

✓ Review and confirm details of your loan.

✓ View the number of days until your closing.

✓ Get directions to your closing location.

✓ Sync your closing date to your calendar.

✓ Manage multiple loans you have in process.

✓ Stay connected to the status of your loan.


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Bnter is an application that Twisted Castle produced for the social site Bnter is a way to share your conversations and learn more about the lives of friends and others. The length of the conversation is limited so the most meaningful part is highlighted. Tagging allows you to categorize your conversations. Clicking on tags of other posts lets you search the feed to see similar conversations. If the text is between yourself and another user, attribute them. Check mentions to see conversations attributed to yourself. Repost conversations that interest you or mirror your life. You can edit the tags to add your own voice.

The application allows seamless integration between Bnter and your mobile device making it easier than ever to create a conversation. You can import texts from your messages, use Google voice to capture conversations taking place right then, or just type them out line by line.

We implemented many techniques to allow the application to perform as well as it could on the mobile platform. Using Twisted Castle’s propriety software library we were able to quickly develop the application with advanced features such as file caching, multi-threading, and beautiful animation transitions.


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Due to the high cost of music services, RanDinger has been discontinued. We thank you for your support.





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  • ~ RanDinger Discontinued

    "After 1 year, RanDinger is being discontinued due to high costs in maintaining music services. To our loyal fans, we apologize. If we are again able to provide these services in the future, we will make an announcement here. Until then, farewell. Twisted"

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